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Open Society Foundations
2019- 2021  OSF Regional Creative Hubs Learning Partner Organization

Foundation Open Society Macedonia (FOSM) seeks a learning partner to design and manage a two-part participatory and collaborative evaluation of OSF’s newly launched anti-corruption initiative ‘Regional Creative Hubs: Tapping into the Power of Arts and Culture to Embolden Citizen Action against Corruption’.

These virtual, regional platforms will be based in West Africa and the Western Balkans and have an overall aim to empower artists, advocates, and journalists to be more effective in their efforts to influence the public’s engagement on corruption issues. The virtual creative hubs will implement a range of activities including training, convening, exchange, and re-granting.

The scope of work for the learning partner includes refining the outcome framework/milestones, designing data collection plan and appropriate tools, collection of key outcome data (baseline and endline), and facilitating key learning moments for internal stakeholders.

• Consultation with relevant stakeholders including members of OSF team, C4AA, grantees, creative hub participants, and relevant field experts
• Mixed method evaluation and learning activities and moments of Regional Creative Hub programming that provides compelling and comparative analysis on the key outcomes and milestones of the project
• Commitment to usable and tangible learning products and recommendations tailored to program implementers to guide improvements in program delivery and future interventions
• Cultural sensitivity, context analysis and understanding, and flexibility are fundamental to evaluation and learning activities
• Work with OSF team to vet and integrate recommendations and findings throughout the study process, including advising on the application of findings at various stagesExpected Deliverables
• Inception report covering full methodology and evaluation/learning activity timelines
• Data collection plan and tools with guidance/training on collection [at baseline]
• Review and refine (if needed) project outcomes and indicators and produce simplified Theory of Change diagram [at baseline]
• Baseline and endline data collected for indicators and analyzed (alongside internally collected data) against all project indicators and milestones
• Reflection and learning conversations facilitated with internal stakeholders at key moments (minimum of one post baseline and one post endline) with consolidated lessons and recommendations*
• Final evaluation and learning report with comparative analysis from baseline to endline and between regional hubs with an executive summary (no more than 5-7 pages)
• Public-facing final evaluation/learning products (eg blog, executive summary) with key findings and recommendations

Read the full Terms of Reference here.

All questions should be send to slavica.indjevska@fosm.mk and adrijana.lavchiska@fosm.mk no later than August 26th, 2019. Answers will be provided until August 29, 2019.

Please send all submissions (in PDF format) to slavica.indjevska@fosm.mk and adrijana.lavchiska@fosm.mk no later than Friday, September 13, 2019.

Template for submission available here.

Financial offer template available here.

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Terms of Reference
Template for submission
Financial offer template


16 август 2019