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The campaign “Future in the EU” within the concept “Participation of civil society in the EU accession process” of the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia has started.

The promotional media campaign primarily aims to raise awareness of the importance of reforms in the areas of anti-corruption, judiciary and prevention, protection against discrimination and fundamental rights, i.e. Chapter 23, as priorities in the EU accession process. At the same time, the campaign will inform the public about the benefits for the Macedonian society from the reforms in these areas and will enable a better understanding of the reform processes in order to approximate and nurture European values.

The campaign is based on data obtained from research and analysis of 15 grantees who received support from FOSM in November 2019 to implement activities that help citizens better understand the concept of the European Union. The involvement of civil society in the negotiation process in the early stages of negotiations is particularly important because CSOs have the expertise and experience that can be crucial to implementing genuine social reforms related to these areas. Having all this in mind, the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia awarded the grants and realized this promotional media campaign, providing support in the process of Europeanization of our society.

When civil society is actively involved in important processes such as EU accession, it is undeniable that the interests and benefits of citizens, fundamental reforms and the nurturing of European values ​​will always be crucial to further development. That is why the involvement of civil society organizations in the processes and their cooperation with the government in segments where their experience and knowledge can be best used is especially important.

As part of the campaign, 5 TV and radio spots have been made, promotional videos for the presentation of the 15 grantees and their projects, as well as creative solutions for social networks and web banners. Watch the TV spots and some of the materials that are part of the campaign.


15 October 2020