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We mourn the death of George Floyd and too many other African Americans who have suffered police brutality at the hands of those whose job it is to protect and serve our communities, not murder its members.

We find hope in the people across this country coming together to peacefully protest a justice system that throughout our history has failed communities of color. We abhor violence of any kind, and will not allow the destructive acts of a few to distract us from the crucial work of coming together and forging a better future for all of our neighbors.

We proudly support organizations that promote civic engagement and champion the right of all Americans to petition their government for redress of grievances. Those protesting the death of Mr. Floyd and police brutality across the nation do so out of a deep and abiding concern for country; they don’t do so for pay from these foundations or any other, as some cynics claim. Such assertions are false, offensive, and do a disservice to the very bedrock of our democracy, as enshrined in the First Amendment. The power of people to demand accountability and move the country closer to its ideals endures.


4 June 2020