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The CSOs Platform against corruption calls for the finalization of the selection and appointment procedures for:

For a long time, these institutions have been left without management structures, which is a direct disadvantage for the citizens of the Republic and the institutions. These institutions are extremely important in ensuring control of public spending, compliance of institutions with the regulation, and the right of access to information. This situation poses significant risks to the fight against corruption – which should be a key commitment of Members of Parliament as citizens’ representatives and protectors of the public interest.

In the eve of elections, the declined function, or the dysfunction of these bodies is an additional risk. The State Audit Office has a direct role in controlling the financing of political parties and campaigns, and the right of access to public information must be secured for journalists, NGOs and citizens in the upcoming period to increase the transparency of elections.

At the same time, the Platform requires that, when appointing the governing structures of these institutions, the Parliament makes the procedure open and transparent, and allows MPs to examine potential candidates through a public questioning. This will give MPs the full opportunity to fulfil their decision-making role – by checking, informing and establishing process control.

In the process, CSOs are available to help, informing MPs of their ratings and opinions on the candidates.



Platform of civil society organizations against corruption


29 October 2019