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Transparency and accountability of institutions will ensure fundamental change and create an open society

Foundation Open Society – Macedonia, Metamorphosis Foundation for Internet and Society and the Minister without portfolio in charge of Communications, Transparency and Accountability in the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, Robert Popovski, signed a Memorandum of Understanding providing support for creating and implementation of a Transparency Strategy of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia.

The Memorandum of Understanding provides support for the development of an expert analysis of the situation as well as the establishment of a working group of institutions and civil society in order to create a more comprehensive Transparency Strategy of the Government, involving all relevant stakeholders. The strategy will further be shared through public discussions and consultation with civil society, the private sector and science and education institutions.

With the creation of this strategic document, the rules of communication of institutions with the citizens and the principles of transparency will be operationalized.

For the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia, building dynamic and tolerant societies whose governments are accountable and whose citizens actively monitor and correct the work of the government, but also participate in the decision-making process is imperative. Creating a Transparency Strategy for the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia with the direct involvement of civil society and of course, its consistent implementation is a step towards fundamental and systemic changes aimed at improving the lives of the citizens, especially the members of marginalized groups.


12 June 2019