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The Network for Protection against Discrimination organizes a promotion of the “Report from the research on the impact of the measures for dealing with covid-19 on the human rights of marginalized communities” starting at 10.00 on the Zoom platform, where you can join via the following link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87535866167

The event aims to present the key findings of this research and to open a discussion on the impact that the pandemic and the measures taken to deal with it have on the rights of marginalized communities. Associations of the Network for Protection against Discrimination during the pandemic actively worked with the marginalized communities they advocate for, mapped the needs, challenges and effects and proposed solutions to alleviate the effects of the pandemic.

The obligations of the state towards the marginalized communities during the pandemic, on the one hand, are to protect the health of these communities during the pandemic. On the other hand, the state has an obligation to adopt measures that will prevent impoverishment and additional marginalization of vulnerable communities due to the crisis, through a disproportionate effect of restrictions on the rights of these groups as opposed to the general population.

Based on the research, relevant conclusions and recommendations are obtained for more successful protection of the rights and meeting the needs of the marginalized communities in conditions of crisis, but also outside it.

The results and recommendations of the research will be publicly presented at this event and will serve for evidence-based advocacy, to promote the guarantee and protection of human rights of marginalized groups, by improving the policies, practices and capacities of institutions.