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On May 23, 2022 (Monday), starting at 11.30 am, the conference “High hopes and great downfalls: attitudes of citizens and civil society organizations and the effects of sectoral working groups” will be held, within the project “Dialogue with civil society organizations – Platform for Structural Participation in EU Integration ”coordinated and implemented by the Open Society Foundation – Macedonia with partners Reactor – Research in Action, Eurothink – Center for European Strategies and Center for Civic Communications.


The conference will be organized online, on the web platform ZOOM, at the following LINK.

The event will promote the data from the three cycles of surveys conducted in 2020, 2021 and 2022. An analysis will be made and certain trends of the key findings from the national survey with citizens and from the survey with civil society organizations will be determined.

The findings reveal how much the citizens can influence the decisions made in the municipalities and the state; Are the citizens satisfied with their place of residence ?; Will the process of accession negotiations with the EU improve life in our country?; How much does the membership of the Republic of North Macedonia in the EU mean to the citizens?; Do CSOs have the opportunity to participate in the EU integration process?; What percentage of CSOs have heard and participated in the work of sectoral working groups?.

Sandra Anastasovska from the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia will have an introductory address, while the findings from the survey will be presented by Tanja Ivanova and Blažen Maleski from Reactor – Research in Action.

Comment on the topic “What kind of social dialogue do we need on the road to the EU” will be given by: Bojan Maričikj, Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs, Fani Karanfilova-Panovska, Executive Director of the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia, Irena Ivanova, civil society in the Delegation of the European Union and German Filkov, President of the Center for Civil Communications, and will discuss the survey data, the effects of the work of sectoral working groups and the involvement of civil society in EU accession. The moderator of the event will be Nada Naumovska, Senior Program Coordinator, Foundation Open Society – Macedonia.

Simultaneous English translation will be provided at the event. It is open to citizens, civil society organizations and the media.