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Creative activism, as a form of civic activism, clearly visualizes problems, and very often manages to contribute to their solution. Art, when put into operation, can make a real difference. Aware of this potential of art, the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia continuously supports creative actions through which local communities act in their communities, detect local problems and alert about them accordingly. Creative actions talk about important local issues but also open the possibility for direct influence on the work of local government.

One of the many examples is the creative action of “Silent Revolution” in Tetovo. Revolted by the fact that the same promises of politicians are repeated every four years, and in reality, nothing changes, “Silent Revolution” organized an action with which they illuminated the student settlement in Tetovo.

It is a settlement that is mainly inhabited by students and in which students live in similar conditions as in the Middle Ages, in a settlement with ruined infrastructure, garbage, poor living conditions and darkness.

Activists from Tetovo installed public lighting, making the street passable and safe for students.

With this action, “Silent Revolution” pointed out and very quickly made the problem with the student settlement visible to the general public, to which the municipality of Tetovo reacted very quickly. Currently, construction works are underway in the student settlement, covering with tiles an area of ​​about 2700 m2, and the regulation of a total of 8 streets in the settlement on an area of ​​nearly 3000m2 is underway. At the same time, they are working on regulating the public lighting, planting trees and placing trash cans. Students will now have decent conditions and a safe place to live.

The Foundation Open Society – Macedonia remains committed to supporting citizens in their efforts to make changes for the better, as well as to developing and supporting creative activism as a form of civic activism that contributes to faster and more effective solutions to problems that directly affect citizens.


8 March 2021