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“Analitika” conducted a quantitative survey with 50 export-oriented companies on the benefits and expectations of the Open Balkans initiative.

According to the research findings, a large percentage of companies believe that the Open Balkans initiative is of great importance to them because of the opportunities to improve operations and achieve greater growth of the company. A high 96.4% of the respondents said that this initiative would open new opportunities for their company, as opposed to only 3.6% who think the opposite.

Below we present to you part of the research findings and the entire research report is available at the following LINK.

The research was conducted within the project “ECONOMIC INTEGRATION OF THE WESTERN BALKANS – mini-Schengen, regional economic cooperation and common regional market – mapping progress – an opportunity to bring North Macedonia closer to the EU internal market”, implemented by Analitika- Skopje with the support of the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia.


2 February 2022