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On March 10, 2022, the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia (FOSM) and the Municipality of Kavadarci signed a Memorandum of Cooperation which committed to promoting good governance by strengthening the resistance of local government to corruption and conflict of interest, and by introducing a system of integrity in the municipality.

At the meeting, Dance Danilovska-Bajdevska, Program Director at FOSM welcomed this first formal cooperation between FOSM and the Municipality of Kavadarci, through which in a collaborative process between FOSM, the administration and the expert team will work on mapping the risks of corruption and conflict of interest at the local level and activities will be designed to proactively eliminate or reduce these risks.

Mayor Mitko Jancev said that the municipality of Kavadarci is ready to work on the adoption of policies aimed at improving the integrity, transparency and efficiency of the municipality, such as by applying the principle of delegation of competencies for decision-making in administrative proceedings.

During the visit, a working meeting was held with representatives of the administration, where issues related to administrative procedures, budget, public procurement, human resource management, asset management, anti-corruption, ethics and integrity, conflict of interest, internal audit and external oversight were discussed.

The Memorandum of Cooperation was concluded within the project “Strengthened Integrity Systems for Combating Corruption at the Local Level”, implemented by the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia, and is part of the USAID Civic Engagement Project.

More information on the USAID Civic Engagement Project.

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11 March 2022