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The way citizens and local government and institutions communicate is extremely important, especially during the health and economic crisis caused by Covid-19. Communication with the community and citizens is usually one-sided, without open communication channels, which creates space for an incomplete picture of the needs of citizens. Therefore, an image is created by one entity – institutions (government) that impose solutions and measures, while the other side – citizens are the ones that listen and apply.

More specifically, in the municipality of Štip, the limitation in the possibility for two-way communication between the local government and citizens/civil organizations is evident. The municipality does not have visible digital tools on the website or a developed way of communication through social networks, such as other municipalities in the country. The website does not provide a tool for questions and answers, a system for reporting problems and quick answers with possible solutions and direct communication for citizen proposals and answers.

At the same time, there is no practice of involving the community, the citizens through the civil society organizations in resolving certain issues within the competence of the local government, for which the civil sector has solid resources and tools.

The project “Tell, so that others know” implemented by Media Plus Štip, financially supported by the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia will try to address these problems in order to improve communication between citizens/civil society organizations with the local government in Štip, as a basis for proposing and greater participation in decision-making important to all.

Through the implemented activities in the project, Media Plus Štip will try to determine the weaknesses in the communication between the local government – citizens / civil society organizations, as well as to open new communication channels between the local government and the citizens / civil society organizations. At the same time, the project will contribute to the improvement of the communication platform between the local government and the citizens.

The story “The citizens of Štip are looking for digital tools for better communication with the Municipality” made within the project can be read here.



“MEDIA PLUS” is an association that researches, analyzes and initiates actions and processes, which influence and contribute to the development of democracy and the media community. Their ultimate goal is positive changes and a healthy media community that will cooperate with civil society, in the interest of the citizens.

For more information on the work and project activities of Media Plus, follow them on their website and Facebook page.


29 October 2020