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Through the project “Dialogue with CSOs – Platform for Structural Participation in EU Integration” CSOs can be timely and accurately informed on topics, areas and issues that are important for the impact of citizens and civil society on key sectoral reforms in the accession process in EU.

As part of the project activities, in the period January – February 2020, a survey was conducted which aimed to collect data on the experience of civil society organizations on their participation and contribution in public policy consultations, as well as in sectoral working groups. The survey questionnaire was sent to 2097 civil society organizations and was answered by 105 representatives of civil society organizations. Below you will find the key information from the Survey Questionnaire for the representatives of the civil society organizations.

Sectoral working groups are interdisciplinary or inter-institutional bodies that should provide advice and ensure consensus among key actors in IPA 2 sectors and are a mechanism for broader coordination and dialogue on national strategies.

The knowledge presented in this visualization was collected within the project “Dialogue with CSOs – Platform for Structural Participation in EU Integration”, as part of the data collection methodology that aims to improve the position of CSOs in the work of sectoral working groups. More information can be found at www.dijalogkoneu.mk.


14 October 2020