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Social enterprises are important for building an open, democratic society – through their work they set an example of how to think differently and approach serious issues while making major social changes. Using various business tools and techniques, social enterprises develop innovative ideas and solutions for existing problems, raise awareness and motivate citizens and communities to be aware and active. Social enterprises are efficient and effective in creating lasting positive social change.

Having in mind its enormous potential, the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia, continuously strives for the development of social entrepreneurship. To that end, FOSM, in cooperation with the Foundations Open Society and the CEED Foundation- Macedonia, held a training on social entrepreneurship in Ohrid from 14 to 18 October 2019 aimed at strengthening the individual capacities of the participants, as well as the capacities of the organizations for establishment and development of social enterprises. Through the transfer of knowledge and skills for developing a sustainable business model for social enterprise, the 10 associations working to provide free legal and paralegal assistance have gained knowledge that will help them improve the self-sustainability and the sustainability of the activities they have undertaken so far with the help of donors.

In addition to the training, the project also includes mentoring through regular meetings with experienced business consultants, networking through peer learning events as well as opportunities for access to additional funding sources, helping associations form a sustainable work model.


24 October 2019