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The second thematic training for journalists on the topic: “Criminal procedure, course of the procedure and rights of participants” was held as part of the activities within the project “Strengthening the capacity of investigative journalists in the areas of Chapter 23, with a focus on the judiciary.”

As part of the project, a total of 6 thematic trainings are provided for journalists where they will get acquainted in more detail with the criminal procedure, the public at the trials and the practice of the European Court of Human Rights in terms of media freedom, public interest, right to fair and equitable trial. The trainers are experienced practitioners and theorists in the areas of Chapter 23.
In parallel with the capacity building trainings for the 10 journalists who will work on the preparation of investigative stories and reports on topics related to the judiciary and Chapter 23, with mentoring support by experienced editors and journalists – Ljupčo Nikolovski, Teofil Blaževski and Aleksandar Dimitrievski.



The project “Strengthening the Capacities of Investigative Journalists in the areas of Chapter 23, with a focus on the judiciary” was implemented in partnership with the Coalition “All for Fair Trials” and the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia. The training was held online, on 15 January 2021.

The project aims to strengthen and enhance the capacity of journalists in the areas of Chapter 23, with a focus on the judiciary, which will contribute to objective and impartial informing of the public and documenting the fulfillment of the country’s obligations and the implemented reform processes, as a precondition for the accession of RNM to the EU. At the same time, the project aims to strengthen the cooperation between civil society organizations and journalists as well as to raise general public awareness on topics in the field of justice and their importance and impact.


18 January 2021