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In the period 24-29 August, the team of “For a Cleaner Macedonia” went on tour through 6 cities in Macedonia (Kičevo, Ohrid, Prilep, Kavadarci, Strumica, Štip) organizing actions in each city with the support of local residents. During Trash Tour they faced interesting challenges, learned many new things, gained valuable experience, and had great friendships and adventures.

At the link below you can watch the short documentary Trash Tour: The Movie! which shows the journeys of “For a Cleaner Macedonia” during their tour through our country.

This short film is a kind of reminder that there are many people who really care about the garbage around and who do not want to sit idly by and are ready to activate for the changes they want to see! At the same time, “For a Cleaner Macedonia” believe that this film will ignite the desire for activity and will motivate citizens to be an example for others, because as they say “Change will not come by itself, we must work for it.”


The event is organized within the project “ECO TOUR Macedonia – No for garbage, yes for action”, funded by the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia.



15 October 2021