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“Metamorphoses and evolution – Citizens of Skopje and heating” is the title of a new artistic action dedicated to the problem of district heating in Skopje, which consists of a large group of penguins walking around Skopje, representing the citizens of Skopje who, in the new year and during the holidays, due to the reduction of the heating volume and the time restrictions for heat distribution, were facing increasingly colder homes, which instead of apartments look like polar houses – an igloo.

With this metaphorical representation of the heating problems in the capital, the Center for Contemporary Arts wants to draw attention to the huge number of families, schools, institutions and businesses that in the coldest days of the year, due to the inability of institutions to find a long-term solution, cannot function normally because they will not be able to heat the rooms in which they live and work.

The action is part of the urban art actions of the Center for Contemporary Arts and is financially supported by the Foundation Open Society Macedonia.


15 January 2022