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After a long time, the student settlement in Tetovo is being illuminated. There is a promise every 4 years that the infrastructure in this settlement will be improved. It is a setlement that is mainly populated by students, as it is located five minutes from the two universities in this city.

Students in Tetovo live in a settlement that is similar to the Middle Ages, a settlement with ruined infrastructure, garbage, poor living conditions and darkness.

A group of activists from Tetovo, set up public lighting, in order to make the street passable during the night, and finally, this settlement is no longer a danger not only for students but also for other residents of this street.

The action was made without any direct contact between the members of the group, i.e. it was done in stages and sequentially by different authors.

The action ” Illumination of the student settlement in Tetovo” is financially supported by the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia.


23 February 2021