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“GREEN STOCK MARKET” is an association that actively works to promote the Macedonian farmer, to create a community of Macedonian food producers that will fight for the interests of modern Macedonian agriculture, and at the same time represent and be the voice of every individual farmer. They are dedicated to informing and educating farmers and raising current issues to the institutions, with particular emphasis on the affirmation of a successful female farmer.

The project “From a Rural Woman to a Successful Entrepreneur, Without Stereotypes and Discrimination” which is financially supported by FOSM, aims to contribute to overcoming the stereotypes related to discrimination of rural women, raising it to the level of a successful entrepreneur. The project also aims to empower, motivate rural women to become successful entrepreneurs.

Research shows that only 30% of women in the European Union have the status of owners of agricultural property. The situation in the Republic of North Macedonia is also worrying. Women who are engaged in agriculture are disadvantaged and face a number of restrictions on their employment rights in agriculture. Discrimination against rural women is particularly emphasized when hiring a woman as a successful entrepreneur or project leader due to insufficient education, stereotyping and prejudice.

The project, “Green Stock Market” will address these problems faced by rural women entrepreneurs and research and analyze the situation on the field, organize stakeholder consultations and debates, produce educational material as well as an educational journal with special emphasis on women entrepreneur through illustrative stories, but will also raise the issue through social media.

“From a Rural Woman to a Successful Entrepreneur, Without Stereotypes and Discrimination” is one of the 15 CSO projects fully supported by FOSM for implementing activities that will contribute to a better understanding of the accession process of the Republic of North Macedonia to the European Union.

For more information on “Green Stock Market” operations and project activities, follow them on their website and Facebook page.