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We are feeling climate change more and more often on our own skin, and it is no longer a question of whether they will happen, but what their impact will be and to what extent they will affect the planet Earth, and inevitably the question is what will be the situation in Macedonia.

“Climate Balance” is a creative action with which the Center for Contemporary Arts Skopje wants to remind the citizens and the authorities, but also to raise public awareness for sustainable use of natural resources. When it comes to the sustainable use of natural resources, forests and water are in the foreground because, unfortunately, they are seriously endangered – illegal and excessive logging as well as small flow hydropower plants that destroy biodiversity.

The “Climate Balance” action is actually a climate swing with an iceberg on one side and a model of the planet Earth on the other. The ice that is melting intensely in the Skopje heat represents the melting of glaciers and poles and the crisis of the North Pole which is seriously endangered and is assumed to disappear completely in the coming decades. The planet Earth, which is currently high and safe, will soon, with the melting of the ice, descend to the fire, announcing the hellish period ahead in case we do not take big and fast steps to reduce global warming, which will undoubtedly affect us all.

The action was conducted by the Center for Contemporary Arts Skopje, and is financially supported by the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia.


16 July 2021