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The informal activist group “Štip Art Activism” conducted another action, i.e. installation, which is a gift for all children, especially having in mind the children who face developmental disabilities. The theme is “Children deserve more”.

The installation has an educational and at the same time playful character for the children to be able to learn more about the animals, but it mostly has the task to show the citizens, decision-makers and local authorities that there is a lack of such playgrounds and green areas. It reminds us that children deserve more attention with more beautiful spaces for relaxation and education, especially the most vulnerable children.

The installation consists of four animals made of cement mould and painted in original colours – giraffe, turtle, hippo and a bear. In addition to the explanation in Macedonian and English, all animals will have an explanation in Braille, so that children with impaired vision can learn more about these animals. Professionals and artists were hired to make the installation, capturing the original shape of the animals.

Previous researches were done before implementation of the activities, and at the same time special educators, artists, activists as well as representatives of the association “Sploteni srca” from Štip, an association of parents of children who face developmental disabilities, were contacted. A special contribution to the implementation and creation of this installation has the president of the association “Sploteni srca”, Zoran Mijalkov, who gave an important point of view of the specific needs of children and how the needs for safety and entertainment can be met.


The installation is located in the park opposite the building “Proleče”, where there are enough green spaces and the opportunity for children to be safe, animated and relaxed. It was approved for use by the Municipality of Štip which especially facilitated the installation but also enabled this installation to continue to make the children happy in the days to come.

The youngest citizens of Štip will enjoy playing with the figures, and for the adults, this installation will be a kind of APPEAL for the preservation of the green areas and the children’s playgrounds, but also for responsible behaviour and personal contribution for a more beautiful Štip.


25 November 2020