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The Blueprint Judicial Reform Group today held a press briefing dedicated to the legal consequences of the lustration process, as well as the process of cancellation of lustration.

The Blueprint Group emphasized that the legal consequences of the lustration process [1]  still remain in force and no measures have been taken to rehabilitate lustration victims.

The process of adopting the Law on Cancellation of the Legal Consequences of Lustration is currently stalled in Parliament. The position of the Blueprint group is that this law should be adopted immediately, i.e. before the Parliament of the Republic of North Macedonia is dissolved because of the forthcoming parliamentary elections.

The Blueprint Group emphasizes that provisions should also be incorporated into the law which will refer to the accountability of members of the Lustration Commission. The Group also called on the Public Prosecutor’s Office to ex officio investigate whether there is a suspicion of criminal liability among members of the Lustration Commission, taking into account that at the time when the lustration was being carried out, doubts were raised in the public that the process was being used for political revenge.

The Blueprint Group announced that it will continue to closely monitor all developments in the judiciary in the upcoming period and will continue to implement the project “For Justice – Monitoring the Implementation of the Judicial Reform Strategy 2019-2020”, financially supported by the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia.

[1] http://all4fairtrials.org.mk/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Pravni-posledici-od-procesot-na-lustracija.pdf


17 January 2020