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In a time of active everyday struggle with COVID-19, our true superheroes are actually around us – healthcare workers, market workers, textile workers, police, military, and fire-fighters. All those who are at work every day, so that we can stay at home and thus protect ourselves and our families.

Their hard work at these difficult times, deserves maximum support from all citizens, in every possible way that will help and facilitate their work. Therefore, Štip Art Activists, as local activists, made this action which indicates that the recommendations and measures adopted by the Ministry of Health are respected. The action addresses measures such as the distance we need to maintain, the right to use annual leave and the measures that employers and transporters need to take to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In this, as in the previous actions of Štip Art Activists, they used the heroes of Marvel, the famous Hulk, Thor and Captain America. Their goal is, above all, an unambiguous and clear visual way of comparing citizens to Hollywood superheroes, and thus encouraging them to abide by the rules. With this comparison, they want to remind the citizens of Štip that only by respecting the measures can we all be superheroes, give our contribution, and thus express our gratitude to our health workers, police officers, firefighters, soldiers, market employees and textile workers for their work.

This artistic activity was also helped by the association Glasen Tekstilec, which works on the promotion of the rights of textile workers, which enabled their heroine “Super Tekstilka” (Super Textile Worker) to be included in the action, in order to indicate the rights of the employees in the big halls. The textile workers from Štip are the ones who are currently making the masks that serve for the prevention of all citizens, and with this action, Štip art activists reminded that in this period, they are the ones who need the most additional protection and preventive measures.

The action is financially supported by the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia.


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