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The Foundation Open Society – Macedonia follows events which yesterday escalated into riots before the Government, the Parliament and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of North Macedonia and expresses serious concern with upsurging hate based on ethnicity.

Violence and hate, as observed at the protests in the past days, embodied in calls for “Clean Macedonia” and instigated by speeches delivered by protestors provide basis for deterioration of already fragile interethnic relations in the state.

We believe that multiethnic diversity is our strength and an opportunity for prosperity, and therefore we expect the organizers of protests and their supporters to prove by action their acceptance of values related to recognition of differences and multiculturalism, having in mind that different cultures, languages and customs enrich us and make us better.

We believe that peaceful protests are the core of any democracy. We expect the institutions to urgently take necessary measures and activities to prevent further escalation of violence and to sanction instigators, supporters and perpetrators of yesterday’s events. At the same time, we express compassion with injured police officers and wish them a quick recovery.

We call the political parties and politicians who support the protests which featured violence against the police and hate speech to raise above their partisan interests for short-term political gains and stop the nationalist propaganda which only results in disturbing public peace and order, and threatens security of the state.


6 July 2022