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The Foundation Open Society – Macedonia provided 135,000 dollars aid for civil society organizations that follow the reform processes in the areas of the fight against corruption, judiciary and prevention of discrimination

The challenges for the open society that the COVID-19 epidemic has posed require agility, quick response and flexibility. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, in conditions of reduced financial support for civil society, the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia continues to dedicate its work to its development.

One of the Foundation’s highest priorities in times of crisis is to provide working conditions for CSOs that are a key segment of a democratic society affected by the state of emergency, as well as other segments of society.

Following our mission for the internal integration of society as a precondition for the country’s EU integration, the $ 135,000 grant scheme was provided by the Foundation under the concept of Civil Society Participation in the EU Accession Process. This concept is designed with the general goal of supporting reform processes in the areas of fighting corruption, the judiciary and prevention and protection against discrimination, as priorities in the EU accession process.

The financial aid will provide:

Financial support was provided to the “Blueprint Judicial Reform Group”, whose grant holder is the Center for Legal Research and Analysis, the “Platform of Civil Society Organizations for Fight against Corruption”, whose grant holder is the Institute for Democracy “Societas Civilis”, and the “Network for Prevention and Protection against Discrimination” whose grant holder is the Coalition “Sexual and Health Rights of Marginalized Communities” – MARGINS. These networks of civil society organizations have over 30 civil society organizations as members that are actively working on creating a dynamic and inclusive society, as well as promoting the values ​​of an open society.

We at the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia remain committed to the development of civil society and the commitment for active participation of citizens in the society – in creating policies and practices that contribute to the rule of law and good governance.