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Foundation Open Society – Macedonia (FOSM) denies today’s articles that appeared in Kurir, Republika, NetPress, Lider and PlusInfo, implying that FOSM financed the scout event Sex Scouts and Rock n Roll. The presented information are completely untrue and misinform the public.

We would like to inform the public that in April 2021 the Executive Board of the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia, after a public call to support activities of civil society organizations and informal groups within the Green Leap – Partnerships for Climate Action concept, among others, decided to support the project “The Fifth Element” submitted by the First Scout Unit of Skopje, with grant agreement no. 10664 in the amount of 12,229 dollars.

According to the application, the main goal of the project “The Fifth Element” is to create a positive environment for learning and environmental protection through informal education for children and youth in nature. The specific goals of the project include creating a positive learning environment and protecting the environment through informal education for children and young people in nature and raising public awareness about environmental protection, as well as creating sustainable programs through peer education.

According to the implementation plan, so far, a sustainable program for promotion and education on the topic of environment under a symbolic name (Fifth Element) has been adapted and created and the manual is available at www.psio.org.mk. Additionally, at a summer camp held in July in Ohrid, 20 peer educators were trained to implement a program for a clean and healthy environment. Preparations are underway for the realization of the other sessions for peer education, as well as a video campaign on the topic of environmental protection.

On this occasion, having in mind the information above, we strongly react to the non-compliance with Article 1 of the Code of Journalists. Journalists should publish accurate, verified information, and always check the accuracy of the information they have. Journalists are obliged to respect the truth and the right of the public to be properly and accurately informed. FOSM received a request from only one media outlet to check the accuracy of the information, but unfortunately, after the article was already published by the same media outlet. Additionally, the information related to the awarded grant, which are transparently published on FOSM’s website, are partially interpreted by the media and put in a different context, which is a direct misinformation of the public.

At the same time, in compliance to Article 3 of the Code of Journalists we insist on publishing of this rebuttal and reaction as well as correction of the information stated because its inaccuracy has been established.

We would like to take this opportunity to call for an urgent action by the institutions and a full investigation into the scout event Sex Scouts and Rock n Roll.

Foundation Open Society – Macedonia is available for any additional information that journalists need for complete and truthful coverage related to the case.


30 September 2021