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Date: 7-10 October 2019

Location: Struga

The process of accession to the EU requires a good knowledge of the complex EU institutional structure on the one hand, as well as the country’s legislation, on the other. That is why it is especially important for institutions and civil society to be prepared when the Republic of North Macedonia begins negotiations with the European Union. In principle, although EU accession is a process that is distinctive and different for each candidate country, regional experiences can provide insights and examples that could potentially have practical application in the negotiations. From this point of view, regional experiences deserve a detailed analysis to draw conclusions that would further assist the country in negotiating with the EU.

The involvement of civil society in the negotiation process at an early stage is of particular importance, given that CSOs always bear in mind the interests of citizens and, if involved, will ensure that the process is an opportunity for genuine social reform, and not a practice to only marked as checked the fulfilled obligations.

In order to increase the capacity and knowledge of CSOs and public administration on the EU accession negotiation process, the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia in partnership with the European Policy Institute (EPI) in Berlin and Eurotink – Center for European Strategies in Skopje is organizing the fifth training for civil society representatives and institutions.

The training is taking place on 7-10 October in Struga and is dedicated to the EU negotiation framework on anti-discrimination.


Anca JURMA, Advisor to the State Prosecutor, National Directorate of Anticorruption, Bucharest, Romania

Dina BAJRAMSPAHIĆ, Public Policy Researcher, Member of the Working Group on Chapter 23 (Judiciary and Fundamental Rights), Institute Alternativa, Podgorica, Montenegro

Sasa SEGRT, Former Director of Transparency International Croatia, Government Advisor, Department of Strategic Planning, Programming and Information, Government Cooperation Office for CSOs, Zagreb, Croatia

Roman PRAH, Anticorruption and Integrity Consultant, Slovenia