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Multikultura Tetovo is an organization that always focuses on young people and their needs and which actively works on the promotion of youth activism and citizen participation in the decision-making process and the development of cultural and interethnic tolerance and cooperation.

In our country, there is a need for better information of students and parents about spending public money in high schools. Both parents and high school students need to know where and how their money is spent; this information will provide them with greater opportunities to influence the processes that affect them. Transparency and accountability in spending public money is certainly an important topic, but when the focus is on young people and how that transparency and accountability affects their future, then this issue takes on a new dimension. Efficient and effective spending of public money will provide greater opportunities for quality education and putting into use the potential of young people.

Through the project “How is the money from public procurement of high school students spent”, Multikultura will try to process in detail the issue of spending public money in high schools in the Municipality of Tetovo during 2018, in order to see how transparent and accountable they are.

Through the analysis of public spending policies as well as the monitoring of school practices, the project will stimulate the public interest in transparent and accountable spending of public procurement money in secondary education. Starting from the fact that one of the best ways to improve the quality of policies and practices is greater transparency and accountability, the project will contribute to the revival of mechanisms for more transparent and accountable local government, to strengthen citizen and business community participation in decision-making at the local level.


The project “How is the money from public procurement of high school students spent” is implemented within the concept for the promotion of local democracy of the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia.


12 August 2020