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In order to provide a systematic way of planning and implementation of the consultation process, which will ensure a timely, uninterrupted, inclusive and transparent process of co-creation of the new AP, in 2020 the manner of implementation of the process of co-creation of the new AP was determined. NAP for OGP 2021-2023, as well as Procedure for conducting consultations with stakeholders to create new priorities and commitments within the OGP process with a time frame, Public call for participation in the process of co-creation of NAP for OGP 2021 -2023 and Guidelines for the implementation of a questionnaire to assess the implementation of the measures of the NAP for OGP 2018-2020 and the need for their inclusion in the new NAP. Materials arising from the consultation procedure were also prepared: Public Call Promotion Plan, Educational Material, and Criteria for Assessing Relevance and Relationship to OGP Principles. All documents are available on the OGP portal.

Based on a predictable and properly regulated procedure of the co-creation process in September 2020 in a dynamic and inclusive environment, the process of preparation of the fifth National Action Plan for Open Government Partnership for the period 2021-2023 began.

As part of the co-creation process, 3 online informative-educational meetings were held, 12 online meetings to identify needs and problems, analysis of the activities currently undertaken to solve problems, institutions involved, prioritization of measures, workshops for identification and development of commitments as well as over 60 individual meetings for determination and harmonization of proposal commitments, the ministerial meeting for OGP and two e-workshops on Transparency and accountability in the public sector and Management based on the interests and needs of citizens, which provided finalization of the commitments that are part of the new action plan.

MISA invites all stakeholders, institutions, non-governmental organizations and interested citizens to send their proposals, recommendations and comments on the draft National Action Plan for Open Government Partnership. Comments and proposals can be submitted no later than 16 August 2021 at the following e-mail: ovp@mioa.gov.mk.


9 August 2021