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On June 6, 2022, through the ZOOM platform, a one-day training was held to build the capacities of the members of the working groups formed within the framework of the Network of NGOs for OGP. The training was attended by more than 10 members of the network of civil society organizations working on OGP.

The training was facilitated by the ESE Association, and Danče Danilovska Bajdevska, program director at FOOM, participated in its implementation; Gordana Gapikj Dimitrovska, State Councilor in MIOA; Andreas Pavlou, Senior Researcher for Europe at OGP; Edip Bilal, program director at NDI; Darko Antikj, financial director and program coordinator at ESE; and German Filkov, president of CCC.

The training consisted of an introductory address that presented the key benefits of the civil society organizations from participating in the OGP and the benefits for the state from the partnership developed with the civil organizations within the OGP initiative. Next, familiarization with the OGP initiative at the national and global level; and discussion regarding the problems that are addressed by the Action Plan for OGP 2021-2023 within each of the priority areas.


13 July 2022