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The Foundation Open Society – Macedonia has been working for more than 27 years to create a dynamic and tolerant society in which citizens are aware and active, and the authorities are accountable, a society in which everyone has equal rights and opportunities, in which citizens initiate change, a society which respects different opinions and nurtures and develops critical thinking.

Our long-standing support for the development of civil society and democratic processes in the country is with the ultimate goal of promoting the values of an open society and we will continue doing so, regardless of which political party is in power. Our values, efforts and work neither depend on the wishes and ambitions of individuals or political groups, nor on the inappropriate statements about discrediting and labelling civil society organizations.

The Foundation, through all the turmoil and crises since 1992, when the country faced closed borders, through the years in which it was exposed to persecution, until the last health crisis, makes all its resources available to promote an open society and its values. From 1992 until today, the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia has continuously invested in democratizing the Macedonian society and improving the lives of citizens, resisting all previous numerous attempts for discretisation and labelling.

Our work is enduring and will stand the test of time. Therefore, we will continue to be committed to promoting the values ​​of an open society, vigilantly monitoring the authorities and speaking out loudly in order to correct their wrong policies and actions that will jeopardize democratic processes. We continue to support civil society in order to strengthen the rule of law, respect and protect human rights, freedom of speech, youth engagement, further development of civil society, promotion of health and education, and integration of Roma and other marginalized communities. In this way, we encourage the fight against corruption but also access to justice for all citizens equally.