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The Foundation Open Society – Macedonia (FOSM) within the concept “Green Leap – Partnerships for Climate Action”, announces an open call for awarding grants for creative actions and campaigns of civil society organizations and activist groups that are actively working and/or are interested in working on the promotion of the environment protection, that wish to contribute to raising public awareness of the need to change the negative behavior of individuals and communities, businesses, to encourage responsible and accountable work of local governments, central governments and public institutions in the field of climate change.

FOSM will support projects for innovative and creative actions and campaigns that should point out the current challenges and offer solutions or additional interpretation of the consequences of inactivity to stop the enormous air pollution, growing threat to biodiversity, waste and abuse of water, solid waste management, etc.

Proposed projects should employ a creative approach to educating citizens and raising awareness, fostering public discussion to advance policy solutions, where the voices and contributions of citizens from economically and socially disadvantaged communities will be respected and included; mobilize the public and advocate for the improvement of policies and practices related to environmental protection and effective climate action. As part of the approach, projects will need to envisage organizing and facilitating consultative processes to involve communities in solving problems that affect them and are expected to cause visible impact and positive changes in the attitudes and behavior of both community members and local representatives of the authorities. For the organizations and activist groups that will be selected to receive grants for the projects, and will have the need, FOSM will provide training on the use of the methodology for creative activism. Projects should promote an integrative approach with a focus on communities, gender and people with disabilities.

The total fund to support this type of project is $ 80,000. The maximum duration of the projects should be eight months.

Application materials are available at the links below. The application should be completely filled in, using Calibri font, size 11. The applications, together with the additional documents, should be submitted electronically, both in word and in pdf format, to the following address: solunka.zoksimovska@fosm.mk with the subject of the email containing the Name of the applicant and the title of the project/initiative. If you have any questions, please contact solunka.zoksimovska@fosm.mk and adrijana.lavchiska@fosm.mk no later than five days before the application deadline.

The deadline for submitting applications is 21 March 2021. FOSM reserves the right not to allocate funds if it assesses that the project proposals do not meet the expected standards. During the evaluation process, FOSM may request additional information on the project proposal, which does not imply that the project proposal will be supported.

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8 March 2021