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How public money is spent and whether all citizens have equal access to health services, why citizens need to be involved in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the legislation and budget are part of the issues that together with our partners and grantees we discuss and advocate for improvement of the health status of the citizens, especially the marginalized groups. Minimizing the discrimination of Roma in the Health Sector and the legal strengthening of this vulnerable group at both local and national level is another important issue to which the Foundation pays particular attention.

The two-day international training on the application of methodologies for social accountability and legal empowerment will provide examples of the work of the CSOs involved and the problems they face, as well as ways to overcome them. The goal is to achieve positive change and improve access to health care and the degree of exercising Roma health rights in the region. The process of merging the methods of working on social accountability and legal empowerment in order to properly identify and address the problems of the Roma community will also be considered. Opportunities for joint action and networking of CSOs in the region working in the field of promoting Roma health will also be discussed.

The training is organized by the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia in partnership with the ESE Association and the Public Health Program at the Open Society Foundations – New York, and is attended by 45 representatives of civil society organizations from Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Macedonia.