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A total of 112 applications from throughout Macedonia were submitted to the call for teachers “SUCCESSFUL TEACHERS FOR GOOD EDUCATIONAL PRACTICES”, which sought to emphasize the important role of teachers for the development of the entire society and promote the teaching profession as a profession with great deal of responsibility for incenting cooperation coexistence, understanding and inclusion of students with different abilities, different ethnic, socio-economic, lingual and cultural background.

FOSM’s executive board approved nine (9) grants for teachers and nine (9) grants for their schools in three (3) separate categories (class teaching, subject teaching, secondary schools). The full list of awarded teachers and schools is available below.

Foundation Open Society – Macedonia believes that teachers are the most important link in the educational process and with their knowledge, competences as well as innovative practices and approach to work contribute to incenting critical thinking, creativity, application of acquired knowledge and development of social competences of students. We would like to thank all applicants, congratulate the awardees and commend all teachers in the RM who have selflessly devoted themselves so our children can have quality education.


Средношколци добитници на награди
Наставници добитници на награди
Фани Каранфилова-Пановска, Извршна директорка на ФООМ
Петар Атанасов, Заменик министер за образование и наука