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One of the problems faced by the citizens of Štip is the disappearance of the pedestrian crossings, ie their rapid erasure and invisibility, which makes the city unsafe for movement.

In order to draw attention to this current problem, the Štip Art Activists placed cardboard panels at intersections in Štip with a zebra design that steals paint from the pedestrian crossings, thus representing the rapid disappearance of the pedestrian crossings in the city.

The previously conducted online research in which the citizens of Štip singled out the biggest problems they face in their daily life showed that a big problem for the citizens is the disappearance of the zebra crossings, i.e. the pedestrian crossings and the road signalization.

Although the traffic signalization is continuously renewed in the city, after a certain period it disappears, i.e. it is erased and the drivers and the pedestrians of the Municipality of Štip are left to drive and walk on the roads with partial or without any road signalization. In larger municipalities and other European countries, the road infrastructure is marked with cold acrylic plastic up to 7 mm thick and allows the passage of four million vehicles without damage. The use of this type of material for road signalization will save the budget of the citizens of Štip, the monthly painting of the roads with cement paints will be stopped, and the citizens will drive and move on permanently marked and safe roads.

The action “Zebra-thief” is of satirical character and aims to point out to the local authorities and the public enterprises the need for a long-term solution for quality road signalization that will provide safer roads for the citizens.

The action was carried out with the support of the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia.


24 June 2021