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On 21 April 2021, ZOR Milieukontakt Macedonia and the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia (FOSM), realized the training on Climate Change intended for the civil sector of the Municipality of Bitola.

The aim of the training is to improve the knowledge of the participants about climate change and climate action, as well as to get acquainted with the content and implementation of international conventions and agreements on climate change. The training also aims to differentiate and provide appropriate examples of measures for climate change mitigation and measures for adaptation and resistance to climate change.

The training started with an overview of international legislation related to climate change (UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Paris Agreement). Regarding the national legislation, the previous provisions and articles of the Law on environment related to climate change, as well as the strategic documents were listed. Information was also shared on the drafting of the first framework law on climate action which is in its final stage and which will be available for comment by the affected public, as well as the draft version of the long-term climate action strategy 2020-2050, which is a more ambitious document in the field of climate change and environmental protection.

This was followed by a brief introduction to the term climate change, climate change impact assessment, climate change vulnerability assessment, which means adaptation to climate change and climate resilience. The terms adaptation and mitigation were explained and examples of adaptation measures and mitigation (mitigation) of climate change were given.

Participants had the opportunity to work in working groups, where they discussed and defined possible measures to adapt to climate change in the sectors of agriculture, forestry and biodiversity, as well as water and health. Working groups also discussed and defined measures at the national and local level to mitigate climate change.

This training is part of the FOSM Concept “Green Leap – Partnerships for Climate Action”.


23 April 2021