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The campaign “Write your future letter by letter” has started within the project “Stay at School: Action for Inclusion of Roma in Primary Education”.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of diversity valuation and provide additional support for Roma students from poor families. At the same time, it motivates Roma parents to enroll their children in elementary education, but what is especially important is that with this campaign the project aims to initiate a debate that in the long run would enable a change in the behavior and perception of the public and the institutions related to this issue and contribute to the creation of positive narratives related to and towards Roma.

All children have the right to quality education, and the benefits to society are enormous when all children have access to quality education and when the potentials of each child are maximized. Education gives children a chance, from the very beginning of their development, to be curious, to learn, to discover new things and to fulfill their potentials and dreams. In this context, children growing up in difficult conditions need additional attention and support, which would provide an equal opportunity for them to use their potentialс. This type of support is the highest priority of any society that values ​​diversity and inclusion.

Quality education is inclusive education, that through all processes values ​​the diversity and unique contributions that each student makes in the classroom and that meets the needs of all children equally. Quality education provides equal opportunities for the development of all children regardless of their origin, economic status, skin color, etc. Education, which excludes and segregates, on the other hand, continues to discriminate the traditionally marginalized groups and prevents the development of both children as individuals and society as a whole.

Quality, inclusive education plays an important role in a democratic society: it reduces poverty, increases economic development, improves the health status of citizens. The role of education in promoting democratic values and protecting human rights is indisputable. Experience shows that when education is high-quality and inclusive, then the concepts of civic participation, employment and community life are also more inclusive.

Several diverse materials such as TV spots, communication for social networks and outdoor advertising, have been produced in this campaign. The focus of the campaign is the right of children to pursue their dreams. To learn, to explore, to be committed and persistent and to make the world a better place. All children have the right to equal opportunities, quality education and a chance for a future in which all childhood dreams become a reality. The campaign calls on the public and institutions to make a difference and give all children a chance to make their dreams come true.

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“Stay at School: Action for Inclusion of Roma in Primary Education” is a project funded by the European Union and implemented by the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia in partnership with the Foundation for Educational and Cultural Initiatives Step by Step and the Association Center for Educational Support of Children Dendo Vas.


2 October 2020