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North Macedonia lacks research to provide more detailed information to better explain the link between social justice, corruption and the rule of law gaps in many aspects of social life. Discrimination in higher education institutions, on the other hand, is a phenomenon in our country for which there is also a significant lack of information, in terms of its presence, which leads to the “grounding” of discrimination. This increases the gap of inequality between students based on their skin color, origin, nationality or ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, marginalized group, language, social origin, religion or belief, political belief, other belief, disability, or any other basis.

The project “Student Perception of Discrimination” implemented by the Youth Educational Forum (MOF), supported by the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia through the concept of Civil Society Participation in Social Justice will try to raise the question of discrimination in higher education, as well as contribute to reduction through most project activities.

Within the project, MOF in cooperation with the Network of Civil Society Organizations for Prevention and Protection against Discrimination, by creating research on the perception of discrimination by students at the universities in Skopje, Štip, Bitola and Tetovo, as well as by conducting a campaign for actualizing the phenomenon of discrimination present in higher education, will try to highlight and make more visible the problem of discrimination in higher education.

At the same time, by creating an educational module for combating discrimination and raising the level of student rights intended for student ombudsmen at faculties and universities, and by creating or changing policies to promote equality and reduce discrimination at colleges and universities, the project will try and reduce the existing discrimination in higher education.

For ongoing project activities, follow the Youth Education Forum on their website or Facebook profile.


23 March 2021