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The second edition of Chavdar Marinov’s “Macedonian Question from 1944 until Today – Communism and Nationalism in the Balkans” has been published in Macedonian, a book that presents a critical view of the historical theme underlying the Bulgarian-Macedonian conflicts in terms of history, language and identity of Macedonia. “The Macedonian Question from 1944 until today – Communism and Nationalism in the Balkans” even 10 years after the first edition published in French, remains one of the most complete policy presentations on the “Macedonian question” of the Bulgarian Communist Party and state after 1944, as well as Bulgarian-Macedonian disputes over history and language.

Chavdar Marinov is a history and civilizations PhD at the “Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales”, and research assistant at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. His book is dedicated to the Bulgarian policy towards the Macedonian issue from the communist period as well as to the conflicts related to the national affiliation of a long series of historical figures and events.

Disputes over historical figures, events and historical phantoms between (post) Yugoslav Macedonia and Bulgaria date back a long time, are too many and are explosive, and even today they seem as unresolvable as thirty years ago. The reasons for this are complex and this book tries to offer one, albeit imperfect, explanation, emphasizing the nationalist character of the Bulgarian communist regime and its ideological legacy.

The Bulgarian-Macedonian controversies that are the subject of this book make it equally interesting, especially for the specialists on the Balkans and the Macedonian issue. However, with its information, focused on the nationalist policy of the Bulgarian state regarding the Macedonian issue, the book is interesting for all readers interested in this problem, in the Bulgarian foreign and domestic policy, as well as in the Bulgarian science from 1944 onwards.

The book “The Macedonian Question from 1944 until today – Communism and Nationalism in the Balkans” can be found here.



9 November 2020