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Given the health crisis we are in, it is safest for citizens to stay at home, but still, if they have immediate obligations, and have to leave their homes, they should follow the recommendations of the authorities. This is the most common advice for protection during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to the new measures for restriction of movement, as in other parts of the country, long queues in front of banks are being created in the Polog region. The number of people waiting in line without the appropriate distance reaches up to fifty people. In order to avoid pushing and grouping, the artistic action “Protect yourself and protect others”, which is made by a group of artists and activists, appeals to citizens to visit banks only when necessary and at the same time to pay attention to time and movement restrictions.

The group of activists points out that in cooperation with the banks they are looking for solutions to overcome these problems when queues of citizens are waiting for the payment of pensions and other incomes. Boards with the messages “Wear a medical mask!”, “Wash your hands!”, “Keep a distance of 2 meters!” are placed in front of the banks in Tetovo in order for people to maintain personal hygiene, put on masks and keep a distance.

The action was made without direct contact of the members of the group, i.e. it was done in stages and sequentially by different authors.

The action “Protect yourself and protect others” is financially supported by the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia.