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Small Post Office no. 1310, a favorite of the citizens of the settlement Pero Chicho in Kumanovo, finally got a new look.

The Small Post Office is located in a public area surrounded by a playground, greenery and contents for children, but the facade was painted with infamous inscriptions. Exactly because of the location of this building in the public space, the Center for Contemporary Arts Skopje together with a group of local artists from Kumanovo came up with the idea to beautify the facade with murals.

The idea of ​​the Local Initiative for painting the Small Post Office with postal motifs from contemporary and historical themes was from a group of young artists from the Pero Chicho neighborhood, led by the artist David Stoilkovski.

The inspiration for this action is the past 18 months of the pandemic period, when in fact we were all personally convinced of the importance of the postal service.

On the four sides of the facade of the Small Post Office are painted various postal contents that give the building a new shape and appearance and the former infamous facade has been replaced with murals that today are praised by not only postal workers but also residents of Pero Chicho in Kumanovo.

The Local Initiative was implemented in cooperation with AD Post Offices of North Macedonia which gave approval for the implementation of this Local Initiative. The project is implemented by the Center for Contemporary Arts Skopje with financial support from the Foundation Open Society Macedonia.


David Stoilkovski, born in 1997 in Kumanovo. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Graphics in the class of prof. Slavica Janeshlieva.

Exhibitions: 2017/2018 – Co-organizer and participant in the graffiti fest in Kumanovo, Participant in the exhibition Kumanovo graphic artists. 2019 – Contemporary Macedonian graphics – Graphic action Skopje – Split, Exhibition “City” in Mobile / Montage Gallery, Exhibition of miniature graphics Ex Libris in Skopje, 2020 – Exhibition of drawings “lockdown sketches”, Kumanovo. Participates in various projects for drawing murals and graffiti throughout Kumanovo, Kocani, Caska, USA, Montenegro and Austria. Winner of the Dragutin Avramovski Gute Award for the best graphic work made for 2019.


6 July 2021