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In the past, the Center for Contemporary Arts Skopje in cooperation with the Scout Squad Armonia from Vinica and the local Youth Cycling Club from Vinica jointly worked on arranging and rehabilitating the area around the memorial to the fallen partisans in Vrsidol, near Vinica.

Through this local initiative, the access and the area around the partisan monument that was forgotten by the authorities have been arranged – rest benches have been placed, the surroundings of the monument have been completely arranged and renovated, the access paths have been cleared and signposts have been placed. The monument itself, i.e. the monument as a whole, has been renewed and made available to the public.

The monument was erected in honor of the fallen freedom fighters: Vancho Prke, Vancho Kitanov, Aleksandar Mitrev and Todor Donchov Arsov, who as prominent partisans who organized and led the anti-fascist struggle in this part of Macedonia. They died in the military operations in the immediate vicinity of where the monument is located after a report on 21 May 1943.

The project is implemented by the Center for Contemporary Arts Skopje with financial support from the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia.


7 July 2021