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In the analyses conducted so far, projects and activities related to open educational resources (OER) with different levels of development, networking and functionality have been registered. The general assessment is that in North Macedonia there are certain activities, models and projects in more developed phases, based on the concepts of open education available to all which are a good basis and platform for further development of OER. However, in many segments, there is a lack of additional resources, activities and tools that would expand the application of OER in North Macedonia and would increase their participation in education.

The analysis “Inclusion of open educational resources in the educational process” focuses on the issue of open educational resources – OER and the concept of using educational materials available for free use, for all interested users in both formal and informal education and others. The analysis examines the use of OER in the educational process globally, as well as the situation and the legal framework for OER in RN Macedonia. Experiences from Europe and the world are reviewed and the digital educational platforms and online teaching in RNM are reviewed. The analysis certainly gives recommendations for the inclusion of OER in regular classes.

The analysis aims to clarify a good part of the dilemmas that surround the open educational resources in our country, and through the recommendations, to contribute to their mass use, sharing, and thus, build a culture of solidarity and free sharing of knowledge among all stakeholders in the education process, with the ultimate goal – improving the quality of education for all students.

The full text of the analysis can be found here.


The analysis has been conducted within the project Open Educational Resources implemented by the Metamorphosis Foundation and supported by the Foundation Open Society- Macedonia.


17 December 2020