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At the FOSM Management Board meeting held on 26 September 2019 the draft proposals received from the Call for Joint Actions for Analysis, Monitoring and Advocacy related to the creation and/or implementation of student and youth policies were reviewed. It was decided that the following projects will be supported by donations:

– The Brain Drain Prevention Project is an initiative of the Informal Brain Drain Prevention Network, and the applicant is the Association for Leaders in Education, Activism and Development. Members of the network are: 1) YAC Youth Activism Center KRIK, Skopje; 2) Association for Dyslexia EINSTEIN, Skopje; 3) Center for Multidisciplinary Development CMD Process Skopje; 4) Association Youth Union of Kruševo; 5) Mladiinfo International Education Association, Skopje; and 6) Citizens’ Association Youth Can, Skopje. The project will be supported by a donation of up to $ 14,951.

The main problem that the network will work on is the emigration of young and highly educated staff from the RNM and the state’s failure to deal with it. The focus of the monitoring will be the “National Strategy for Networking and Cooperation with Highly Educated and Expert Personnel 2013-2020” of the Ministry of Education and Science. The main goal of the network and the project as well as to create a supportive environment for the self-realization of young people from North Macedonia and to maintain their potential in the country.

– The Student (re)formation project was submitted by the National Youth Council of Macedonia, and members of the network initiative are: 1) Local Community Development Foundation, Štip; 2) Association for Civic Activism FORUM 16, Bitola; 3) Youth Cultural Center, Bitola; 4) Association for Sustainable Development SFERA INTERNATIONAL, Bitola; and 5) CED Education Center, Tearce. The project will be supported with up to $ 14,982.

This project is intended to address the issue of student organization and will follow the process of establishing a new model of student organization in three state universities: UGD – Štip, UKLO – Bitola and DUT – Tetovo. The project will encourage the active participation of students in these processes, through greater information and motivation for involvement in decision-making and student representation in university bodies.