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The Citizens Association KONTRAPUNKT is an association dedicated to the development of contemporary and alternative practices and policies in the socio-cultural context, critical thinking and civic activism. Since its establishment, Kontrapunkt has advocated for the promotion of the principles of decentralization, demonopolization, democratization, distribution and diffusion in the field of culture, cultural policy and the wider socio-cultural context. Additionally, Kontrapunkt advocates for a culture of connection and for the development of new educational formats in the promotion of critical culture.

Research shows that the general public is still not adequately acquainted with the dynamics of the accession process and the overall EU assessment of North Macedonia’s progress in meeting the criteria for EU membership. Insufficient information affects the unrealistic perceptions of the population about the readiness of the country to become an EU member state. Chapter 23 represents one of the most important values ​​of the European Union, and the public has insufficient knowledge of the current situation and the necessary reform processes related specifically to this chapter. A higher level of education in this area would also contribute to a higher level of support for the processes in question.

The EUREKA project, implemented by KONTRAPUNKT, addresses the problem of lack of information but approaches it in a completely different way. The project offers a creative, fun and impressive approach to the processing of the content related to Chapter 23. To establish communication with the target groups this project uses content of entertaining-educational character that is easily receptive, visually appealing and witty. The information presented in the form of stories, establishes interaction with the audience both on an emotional (with humour) and on an intellectual level and thus engages them to think critically and encourages them to take action. Visualization and humour help the information to be easily integrated into the image, i.e. the vision for North Macedonia in the EU in the minds of the citizens.

The project aims to increase public awareness of the need and benefits of EU accession and to bring the concept and functioning of the EU closer to the citizens. By enriching the media space with a platform and new creative content of educational and entertaining character, the project will provide promotion of the benefits of EU accession in general, but also in the areas related to Chapter 23 with a focus on fundamental rights, in an unusual way. This creative approach in dealing with the topic will offer the citizens fresh insights and perspectives.

“EUreka” is one of the 15 projects of civil society organizations fully supported by FOSM to implement activities that will contribute to a better understanding of the process of EU accession of the Republic of North Macedonia.

The content created within the project can be found on the website of OKNO.


13 August 2020