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On 20 July 2021, the eighth video-session of the Council for Coordination and Monitoring of the Open Government Partnership (Council) process and the National Action Plan for OGP 2018-2020 was held.

The session was attended by 9 members of the Council: Eli Chakar – Ministry of Local Self-Government; Misha Popovic – Institute for Democracy “Societas Civilis”; Snezana Kamilovska Trpovska – Macedonian Center for International Cooperation; Teodora Obradovikj Grncharovska – Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning; Goran Mojanoski – Ministry of Finance; Darko Antic – Association for Emancipation, Solidarity and Equality of Women; Ivona Stalevska – Foundation Open Society – Macedonia; Maja Konevska – State Commission for Prevention of Corruption and Nadica Josifovski – Ministry of Information Society and Administration (MISA) as well as Gordana Gapic Dimitrovska – National Coordinator for Open Government Partnership at MISA, Vladimir Serafimovski from MISA and Daniel Kiprijanovski – Inteligenta as technical support of www.ovp.gov.mk

Due to justified reasons, the co-chair of the Council, Maja Petkovska Lesses – General Secretariat of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, was not able to attend the already scheduled session, so the eighth session of the Council was held as an informative session without making decisions.

Gordana Gapikj Dimitrovska presented the results achieved by the working groups for co-creation of the National Action Plan for Open Government Partnership 2021-2023 (NAP for OGP 2021-2023) by priority areas: Transparency, accountability, proactivity and inclusiveness, Prevention of corruption promoting good governance, Public service delivery and Access to justice.

In continuation of the session, the four co-facilitators of the working groups for co-creation of NAP for OGP 2021-2023 by priority areas: Transparency, accountability, proactivity and inclusiveness (German Filkov, through a recorded video address), Prevention of corruption and promotion good governance (Misha Popovikj), Delivery of Public Services (Darko Antikj) and Access to Justice (Ivona Stalevska), presented to the present members of the Council the proposals for each priority area separately which were previously approved by the responsible institutions and applicants of commitments. The co-creation process started in September 2020 in order to ensure a timely, uninterrupted, inclusive and transparent process of co-creating the fifth NAP for OGP 2021-2023.

Additionally, Gordana Gapikj Dimitrovska informed the members of the Council about the Guidelines for assessing the relevance of the proposed commitments from the process of co-creating the fifth NAP for OGP with the principles of the OGP Initiative.

At the end of the session, in accordance with the Guidelines, the members of the Council will be able to evaluate the proposed commitments in accordance with the Criteria for assessing the relevance to the principles of the OGP and the Commitment Score within the Criteria.

Voting on the agenda items provided for the eighth session will be realized at the next video session of the Council scheduled for 23 July 2021, when the Minutes of the seventh session of the Council, held on 28 December 2020, will be adopted.


22 July 2021