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Clean roads and sidewalks, rotten fruits and vegetables collected in plastic bags. This is today’s photo of the streets and sidewalks at the Women’s Market, where it is usually traded on Thursday in Tetovo.

To understand where this reckless behavior of the sellers comes from, today the activists of the Association Multiculture together with the mayor of Tetovo, the head of PCE Tetovo and the head of the Department of Urbanism, Communal Affairs and Environment, visited the sellers in the Women’s Market.

Waste bags with environmental messages were distributed to the sellers in order to raise awareness for market maintenance and to facilitate the work of the employees in PCE Tetovo. Also, a large container has been set up, where vendors can dispose of these bags at the end of the day.

At the same time, the citizens had the opportunity to share their message for a well-maintained market and a clean environment

The action is part of the project “Positive changes for municipal waste management in the Municipality of Tetovo”, implemented by the Association Multiculture and financially supported by the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia.


21 January 2022