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The Republic of North Macedonia has been failing to win the battle against corruption for years and is one of the most corrupt countries in Europe. Last year, out of 44 countries in Europe, only two countries were ranked as more corrupt than ours. The reputation of a deeply corrupt country has been maintained for years, and corruption daily erodes the little healthy tissue that remains in the country.

The Center for Contemporary Arts today conducted an action dedicated to all those who, stuck in the hopeless labyrinths of the dysfunctional administration, had no one to turn to or could not exercise some of their rights, and eventually succumbed to the chain of bribery and corruption because they had no other way out.

The inspiration for this action, in which a dozen messages/quotes were explicitly shared, comes from the real stories and situations in which several of our fellow citizens found themselves sharing their stories with CCA. The quotes are real, but the names are made up. The topics of the judiciary, education, and customs are only randomly selected and are part of the many areas in our society where corruption reigns.

This action is supported by FOSM.


9 December 2020